Aesculap. More than Instruments.

Founded by Gottfried Jetter in 1867 as an instrument workshop, Aesculap quickly progressed to become the world's biggest manufacturer of surgical instruments.

The staff and serpent of Aesculapius surmounted with a crown, serves as the company's trademark and has been a symbol of quality and reliability for over 100 years.

Aesculap whose headquarters is in Tuttlingen, a location renowned throughout the world as a centre for medical technology.

Numerous branches in important markets enable the company to provide on-the-spot, market-specific customer care.

Aesculap has been a developer and manufacturer of dental instruments for more than 100 years. Today, everyday dental practice is made easier all over the world by a multitude of Aesculap innovations. Whenever there arrives a new technique in dental surgery and treatment, modern and innovative Aesculap instruments are available for putting it into practice.

In a process of continuous co-operation with leading surgeons throughout the world, innovative operating techniques and instruments for improved patient care are being developed in areas ranging from general surgery to endoscopic procedures. These also encompass the specialist disciplines such as dental surgery, micro-neurosurgery, spine surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, orthopaedics (joint implants, osteosynthesis, motor systems).

From the outset, innovation was the driving force behind Aesculap's rapid development. At the same time, human health has always been our central concern.

Today's Aesculap innovations provide the basis for tomorrow's conventional techniques.

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